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With the digital revolution sweeping the globe, all businesses, large and small companies, organizations, and even governments depend on computerized systems to run their daily operations, making cybersecurity a top priority to secure data from various online attacks or unauthorized access. Continuous technical advancement implies a parallel change in cybersecurity trends as stories of data breaches, ransomware, and hacks become commonplace.

The cyberspace comes with numerous benefits. Like any amenity where there exists a product there exists its merits and demerits.
Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity

With the introduction of AI in all market segments, this technology has resulted in significant changes in cybersecurity, thanks to machine learning. In the development of automated security systems, natural language processing, face recognition, and automatic threat detection, AI has played a critical role. It’s also being used to create smart malware and attacks to get around the most up-to-date data security protocols. Threat detection systems with AI can predict attacks and alert administrators to any data breaches instantly, making them the next cybersecurity trend in 2021.

Automotive Hacking and its Influence

In 2021, the first cybersecurity theme will be the rise of automotive hacking. In areas including cruise control, engine timing, door lock, airbags, and advanced driver support systems, modern cars are outfitted with automated software that provides smooth communication for drivers. These vehicles communicate via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, exposing them to a variety of vulnerabilities and hacker threats. We believe that taking control of the vehicle or using microphones for eavesdropping will increase in 2021 as the use of autonomous vehicles grows. Self-driving or autonomous cars use a more complex mechanism that causes more rigorous cybersecurity protections.

Mobile malware is the new threat

We observed mobile banking malware or attacks increasing by 50% in 2019, making our handheld devices a target for hackers. Individuals are more at risk from all of our images, financial transactions, emails, and texts. In 2021, a smartphone virus or malware could attract the attention of cybersecurity trends.

Cloud computing vulnerabilities

To avoid data leaks, security protocols must be continuously monitored and updated as more companies migrate to the cloud. Although cloud applications like Google or Microsoft are well-protected on their end, user error, malicious apps, and phishing attacks continue to be a major source of erroneous errors, malicious apps, and phishing attacks.

Data breaches and their effect

Data will continue to be a challenge for businesses all over the world. The primary goal right now is to protect digital data, whether it belongs to an individual or an entity. Hackers can gain access to personal data by exploiting some minor flaw or bug in your system browser or software. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into force on May 25, 2018, granting data protection and privacy to individuals in the European Union (EU). Similarly, on January 1, 2020, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) went into effect to protect consumer rights in California.

IoT and 5G Network

IoT with 5G networks is the next big cybersecurity theme for 2021. With 5G networks set to launch internationally in 2020, the Internet of Things will usher in a new age of interconnectivity. This contact between multiple devices exposes them to outside influence, threats, or an unknown software error, exposing them to vulnerabilities. Even Google Chrome, the world’s most popular browser, was found to have serious flaws. 5G architecture is still relatively new in the industry, and it will take a lot of investigation to find flaws that will enable the system to be safe against external attack. Every step of the 5G network might bring a plethora of network attacks we might not be aware of.

State-Sponsored Cyber Warfare

There will be no truce between the western and eastern forces in their search for dominance. Though the attacks are rare, they have a major effect on an event such as elections. With over 70 elections expected this year, illegal activity will probably increase during this time. The biggest cybersecurity trends for 2021 are likely to be high-profile data hacks, political and industrial secrets.

Insider Threats

One of the most common causes of data breaches is human error. An entire company can be brought down by a single bad day or a deliberate loophole that allows millions of records to be stolen. Employees were directly or indirectly responsible for 34% of total attacks, according to a Verizon data breach report. As a result, raise awareness among employees to ensure that data is protected in every way possible.

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Artificial Intelligence



Generative adversarial networks (GANs) are algorithmic architectures that use two neural networks, pitting one against the other in order to generate new, synthetic instances of data that can pass for real data. GANs were introduced in a paper by Ian Goodfellow and other researchers at the University of Montreal, including Yoshua Bengio, in 2014. They are used widely in image generation, video generation and voice generation.

Generative Adversarial Networks is the most interesting idea in machine learning in last ten years — Yann Lecun (Facebook AI Director)
Generative Adversarial Network

GANs consist of two parts: generators and discriminators. The generator model produces synthetic examples (e.g., images) from random noise sampled using a distribution, which along with real examples from a training data set are fed to the discriminator, which attempts to distinguish between the two. Both the generator and discriminator improve in their respective abilities until the discriminator is unable to tell the real examples from the synthesised examples with better than the 50% accuracy expected of chance. The goal of the generator is to generate passable hand-written digits: to lie without being caught. The goal of the discriminator is to identify images coming from the generator as fake. 

  Here are the steps a GAN takes:

  • The generator takes in random numbers and returns an image.
  • This generated image is fed into the discriminator alongside a stream of images taken from the actual, ground-truth dataset.
  • The discriminator takes in both real and fake images and returns probabilities, a number between 0 and 1, with 1 representing a prediction of authenticity and 0 representing fake.
Cyber Security



HArdware Hacking, Hacking, Cyber Security

In general definition it can be described and socially accepted as when an electronic device is made to perform a deviated task that it did not intend to perform initially.

In the late 2018,Bloomberg ran a series of stories reporting that China installed spy chips on motherboards manufactured by U.S.-headquartered Super-micro, a company whose motherboards are used by tech companies like Apple and Amazon in their servers.

Man is to technology what the bee is to the flower. It’s man’s intervention that allows technology to expand and evolve itself and in return, technology offers man convenience, wealth and the lessening burden of physical labor via its automated systems. ― James Scott, Co-Founder, Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology

Now as abundant availability of rapid hardware prototyping has come into existence it has been like a boon to the hardware hacking cartels. It can be used for many purposes and of those some of are privacy breach, system spying, system crashing, blackmailing someone for money in exchange of their privacy and for God’s sake many more.

As in one of those paragraphs I have mentioned about a Bloomberg’s reports of China putting in spy chips, so just imaging if it’s true and really did happen, just image of you are right now using one of those computers fitted with those, imaging if they get to know that you are reading this from the spy chip they might have put in your laptop or computer. Where are enormously big companies who succumb to these security breaches and lose billions to the market. Well I would like to put some light over some events that took place some years ago, some pretty big companies suffered enormous lose due to unrecognized money transfers to anonymous bank account across the globe and till the time they found out it was way too late they succumbed to sudden bankruptcy then fell down in the market and some anonymous personality bought their shares from their own money and made the company run for billions, well it’s not a true story it’s what I would to if I had expertise in it. This is one of the ways organizations suffer to hardware hackings.

Back in days when we used to buy those PC game disks and some of them would finish the setup but wouldn’t run, out of those some would eventually end up damaging our own system and we were forced to restore the system erasing all the data and reinstalling the windows. So, in this context this does also can contribute to hardware hacking under the condition that the problem in the disc is purposely put to harm the system of the beholder.

To staying safe from breaches like these, governments across the globe have joined hands and procurement of the desired products aTer certain evaluations and only aTer they meet certain standards was made mandatory.

Cyber Security



Cyber Bullying, Criminal, Law

Let just imagine a scenario where you just like in just a normal day or was one you open you social media account to have some new of your sphere but then suddenly there is one anonymous personality whose words are not so pleasing to you rather would refer offensive to you in one way or the other. In this case if the absurd message, comment or post is without the intention of hurting you, you’ll end up blocking that account and forget about what happened. But if that occurs on a frequent basis with maybe the same personality behind it with some not so good intentions is called Cyber Bullying.

Cyber-bullying is poised to turn into the biggest online concern, already affecting up to 35% of all children. - Dr Martyn Wild

There can be different types of Bullying which I don’t want to speak out as while saying so I might offend someone somewhere but I’ll chose to say so because to pour light on something you need to have the source of the light which are in this context the bullies. So those are body shamming, face shamming, offensive words, threats etc. While it is a scary part of being on the internet it is protected by some laws. Following are some cyber laws though that cover some of the acts classified as cyber bullying in India:-

Sec.66A – Sending offensive messages through communication service, etc.

Sec.66C – Identity TheL.

Sec.66D – Cheating by personation by using the computer resource.

Sec.66E – Violation of privacy.

Sec.67B – Punishment for publishing or transmitting of material depicting children in any sexually explicit act, etc. in electronic form.

Sec.72 – Breach of confidentiality and privacy.

Sec.503 Indian Penal Code (IPC) – Sending threatening messages through email.

Sec.509 IPC – Word, gesture or act intended to insult the modesty of a woman.


Sec.499 IPC – Sending defamatory messages through email.

Sec .500 IPC – Email Abuse.


Well there are some tips to avoid one :-

1. OBSERVE:- Watch out and stay alert.

2. RECORD:- If there’s one store proof by screenshot or anything likewise.

3. REPORT:- Report to your country’s Cyber crime branch.

Cyber Security



Hacking, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp Hacking

So, Hello reader! If you’re reading this its a fairly high chance that you might be on some social media platform. Stating that you might even have an account in one of those. Suppose you receive a mail from some anonymous sender and you out of curiosity open it but there’s nothing to feed your curiosity in there, its empty or has either some emoji or .gif or might even have just a hello message. What you notice after some time that there’s some malicious activity going around with your email address like unknown sent mail’s, anonymous subscription to site you’re not aware of or maybe you don’t access to your email address anymore.

Social engineering has become about 75% of an average hacker's toolkit, and for the most successful hackers, it reaches 90% or more. - John McAfee

What just happened comes under a wide class of hacking called Social Media Hacking. Well it’s always in my nature to elaborate things with some situational examples.

It can happen in any social media platforms and some of those are Facebook ,Instagram ,Telegram, LinkedIn etc. You can avoid these malicious activities to your account by some basic steps or I’ll phrase it at-least you’ll be less prone to these attacks


Ways to prevent Social Media Hacking:-

1. Password – Make sure you have a fairly hard to
guess password. Make it less likely to be found from hit and
trial method like your name, date of
birth or names of family/ friends.

2. Security Question:- There’s an option to set a security question
to your account incase you forget your
password. And you should always opt for this option. It makes the account even
more secure.

3. Recovery Mail or Phone number:- Don’t
forget to add your mail and phone no. to recover your password in case you forget. You
can also set a recovery mail to your email account. Make sure you you set a recovery mail by
your family members or anybody very close to

4. Watch out for malicious activity:- Always check your activity on a regular
basis and if you find some malicious activity going with the social media
accounts, try resetting you’re password just put you in a more safe place. You also have an option of filing a complaint to the particular
social media and they take immediate action to check your account.

5. Report:- You can always report some malicious activity to your service provider
and they’ll look into the matter. In
social media you can always go to
the support section to put your concerns about your account’s activity.

6.  Open Mail/ Msg Carefully:- Before opening any mail/ msg make sure you have received it from authenticate account. If you see any
suspicious number or mail ignore it.

You can always contribute to the security of your own account and your account awareness can actually put down many of these attempts.

Cyber Security



In simple definition of credit card is that it is a small plastic card with a unique number to it which is related to an account and people are able to buy any kind of stuffs using that and receive a bill every month for the purchased.

Credit, as the name suggests it is a kind of loan and it comes under micro loaning. It has interest charges, fines, default laws and etc. Infact it’s just like any ordinary loan but in micro level of the economy. The amount of money you can spend using your credit card is determined by your bank and it analyses some factor to do so. There are five components your credit amount depends upon and those are Character, Capacity, Capital, Collateral and conditions. On the basis of this in order to get a fair amount of credit amount your character should be clean legally, you should have the capacity to pay back, you should have some collateral in case you are unable to pay back and of-course there are some contains to the credit amount. If you clear all these you’ll be provided with a credit amount based on your capital and monthly income.

Our advice is to treat Credit Cards like what they are: little plastic grenades that must be handled very carefully.
Hacking, Statistics, Data Loss, Fraud

Now as we learned about credit cards and how it works there something we all do and it’s quite common and it is online transactions. If anything comes with an online mobility it always come with the chances of cyber theft and that’s why there exists a term called Cyber security and as the name literally means it provides security from cyber theft.

Security available to avoid a cyber theft are:-

1. Card details – Card number, expiry date, CVV and a one ,me password that is sent to the registered mobile number when you make a transaction and it is necessary to complete the transaction. It is you who is authorizing the gateway to continue with the payment.

2. Payment gateway security – You must’ve seen some lines on your payment gateway while you were making an online payment like “NORTON SECURED, Visa secure, Wibmo” or of the same type. They are security providers for payment gateways.

 3. You yourself – You are the biggest contributor to your own security. You should never shared your card details and password with anyone. Remember 8 out of 10 ,me it’s done from someone who know your card identity. And always keep track of your fund movements and of you notice any malicious activity report to your bank. And avoid making transaction on non popular and not verified sites. You can save yourself better than anyone else in this world.

Cyber Security




In the time of constant evolution and advancements increasingly more and more people are gaining access to mobile phones, computers and the internet. We are digital consumers in a very digital era and we completely rely on our phones and laptops to go about our day to day activities be it accessing the social media, or to buy something or for banking. We are a part of that generation which relies heavily on the internet, but what we end up neglecting in this process is our security by assuming that we’re safe.

The cyberspace comes with numerous benefits. Like any amenity where there exists a product there exists its merits and demerits.
Cyber Security

Just to put some light over the merits of cyberspace which include cashless payments, navigation, messaging, data sharing, high speed online gaming, education, connectivity, entertainment etc there are many more. With these immense possibilities there are various ways someone can use it in a way it not made for.There are many religious disputes which feeds on social media. Many hatreds are spread using online platforms and due to its global reach and availability it affects on a very large scale and even to the extent when it’s not even reversible anymore. Even it provides the hackers numerous ways to hack into someone’s personal device and performance malicious operations.

This when used properly can be of huge help because it can carry almost infinite amount of information which can be accessed globally. In this COVID-19 situation kids are having online classes, people are doing work from home and likewise is only made possible due to the presence of the cyberspace. If this wouldn’t have been present in these time would certainly come to an abrupt stop hampering the spread of instantaneous supply of information to the neighbouring areas. Remember those days when we used to buy high capacity hard disk or pen-drives but this evolutions have gifted us the availability of cloud storage where we can store our personal information and files and access them anywhere very easily. This freed us of physical availability of storage disks and made our life easier and work faster.

Concluding the above facts almost any products has its pros and cons but it’s all about how the individual plans to use it and in-fact no one can assure malicious activity free use of any product or service. To decrease the amount of malicious activities there are many cyberspace laws which can be later over the defector and can punished according the severity of attack. If we take measures and assure best use of the cyberspace in our own individual sphere and everyone thinks this way then we can bring down cybercrime below significant levels.