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"The threat in cyber world is advancing quicker than we can keep up with it. The threat changes faster than our idea of the risk. It's no longer possible to write a large white paper about the risk to a system. You would be rewriting the white paper constantly..."
This led to the formation of a passionate group of individuals with a mission in “SECURING THE DIGITAL WORLD” and with a common goal in bringing secured, responsive and cutting-edge web applications, machine learning and cyber security solutions to you.
We strive to revolutionise the Technology Industry as we know it and build a brand to reckon with. Our aim is to make technology affordable and available to every section of the society and not just innovate but empower people through our work. Also we strive to work towards the security of data in people's lives by implementing AI to it.
TeamCognito is a startup with an eye for the future. We are constantly evolving ourselves with the changing problems of the world as a whole and Industry in particular and try to provide the best possible solution. If you choose us you can count on us, because we are never satisfied with ourselves.We are a leading application security company with a full range of services around application threat modelling, security assessments, secure code review, trainings on secure coding, and implementing an application security strategy for your organization.

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TeamCognito encourages innovation and creativity. We realize that our customers may need our continuous support and we are ready to provide that. We beleive in technology which is creative and try to give the optimized solution for every problem in the digital world where you get the best results with minimum investment.

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