As we migrate our computers, data centers, business processes, and other assets to the cloud, cloud data protection becomes increasingly necessary. Robust cloud security policies accomplish data protection and generate a security-conscious organisational culture. TeamCognito is the leading cybersecurity company in Kolkata. We help enterprises protect their digital assets and ensure a safe digital workspace for their employees. 

Cloud security has many advantages, including:

Centralized security: Cloud security is similar to how cloud computing centralises software and data. When dealing with shadow IT or BYOD, cloud-based business networks include numerous devices and endpoints that can be difficult to handle. Centrally managing these organisations improves traffic analysis and site filtering, streamlines network event management, and results in less programme and policy changes. When disaster recovery plans are handled in one location, they can also be easily executed and implemented.

Reduced costs: The advantage of using cloud storage and encryption is that it reduces the need to invest in specialised hardware. This decreases not just capital spending but also administrative overhead. Whereas IT teams used to respond to security issues reactively, cloud security provides proactive security capabilities that provide protection 24 hours a day, seven days a week with little or no human interference.

Reduced Administration: You can say goodbye to manual security settings and almost daily security updates when you use a reliable cloud services provider or cloud security platform. These activities can consume a significant amount of energy, but when you transfer them to the cloud, all security administration takes place in one location and is completely handled on your behalf.

Reliability: Cloud computing services have the highest level of dependability. Users can access data and apps in the cloud securely no matter where they are or what device they are using if the proper cloud protection measures are in place. Teamcognito provides the very best cloud computing security services.

The cyberspace comes with numerous benefits. Like any amenity where there exists a product there exists its merits and demerits.
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What are the cybersecurity challenges in cloud security?

The rapid growth of the cloud has centered attention not only on the advantages of the cloud but also on the cloud security issues that exist in its climate. The security of cloud storage also depends on the users. Failure to adhere to security requirements and fix security threats in a timely manner will result in a cyberattack or data breach that could have been avoided. This necessitates that businesses effectively understand and manage cloud security risks. Assess and take the right precautionary measures with TeamCognito, the top cybersecurity company in Kolkata.

The most common problems for cloud computing security include:

  • Identifying and preserving access measures

  • Balancing the cloud service provider’s and the user’s joint responsibility for the protection

  • Compliance with regulatory standards for data security in the cloud

What are the best practices in cybersecurity services in the cloud?

It is not an exaggeration to say that any organization may become a victim of cyber-crime. Government agencies, educational and healthcare institutions, banks, law firms, non-profits, and a variety of other organizations have reported cyberattacks. Smart companies are increasing their investments in cloud security services in order to eliminate threats and safeguard confidential data. TeamCognito has some of the best cyber-crime experts in Kolkata.

Here are some of the best cloud cybersecurity practices:

Use strict user access control/least privilege.

Administrators should enforce strict user access control, similar to the conventional software protection process, to determine who can access the data and to what degree users can access it. This will help to ensure that only approved users have access to data stored in the cloud infrastructure.

Use SSH Keys and Store Keys Securely

With private and public key pairs, Protected Socket Shell (SSH) keys aid in the establishment of secure server connections. Since we use SSH keys to access sensitive data and perform essential, privileged tasks, it is critical to properly maintain and safely store them.

Implement Cloud Encryption

Data encryption in cloud computing is critical for businesses because it ensures that data flowing to and from the cloud is encrypted and stable. Encryption, with other security mechanisms such as the principle of least privilege (PoLP), allows organizations to comply with strict regulatory policies such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, and GDPR.

Conduct Routine Penetration Tests

Cloud penetration tests aid in identifying security flaws in cloud infrastructure. Pen tests are often a joint liability in cloud computing, so both the organization and your cloud service provider should conduct penetration tests to identify security vulnerabilities in the cloud.

Hardened and Controlled Images

A hardened virtual server image is one that is devoid of anything unnecessary to the task at hand and has its configuration tightly protected. They create these images in accordance with cloud security requirements, with the fewest access rights and administrative permissions, as well as only the ports and services that are needed.

Implement Multi-Factor Authentication

MFA (multi-factor authentication) protects the company’s data and user accounts by using a variety of authentication mechanisms such as one-time passwords, biometrics, security questions, and many others.

Examining Vulnerabilities and Unauthorized Hardening Processes

In the cloud storage environment, misconfiguration can lead to exploitable security flaws. You must check the IaaS settings for access control, encryption, and network configuration to avoid such cybersecurity vulnerabilities.


How TeamCognito can assist?

Our security team includes top security and subject-matter experts on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, as well as experienced security coaches who can assist you with questions to ask your cloud service provider before purchasing cloud services.

We also provide security audits to identify and mitigate security flaws in cloud infrastructure, making it simple for you to protect your cloud environment. TeamCognito has the best cybersecurity experts in Kolkata.

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