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As we migrate our computers, data centers, business processes, and other assets to the cloud, cloud data protection becomes increasingly necessary. Robust cloud security policies accomplish data protection and generate a security-conscious organisational culture. TeamCognito is the leading cybersecurity company in Kolkata. We help enterprises protect their digital assets and ensure a safe digital workspace for their employees. 

Cloud security has many advantages, including:

Centralized security: Cloud security is similar to how cloud computing centralises software and data. When dealing with shadow IT or BYOD, cloud-based business networks include numerous devices and endpoints that can be difficult to handle. Centrally managing these organisations improves traffic analysis and site filtering, streamlines network event management, and results in less programme and policy changes. When disaster recovery plans are handled in one location, they can also be easily executed and implemented.

Reduced costs: The advantage of using cloud storage and encryption is that it reduces the need to invest in specialised hardware. This decreases not just capital spending but also administrative overhead. Whereas IT teams used to respond to security issues reactively, cloud security provides proactive security capabilities that provide protection 24 hours a day, seven days a week with little or no human interference.

Reduced Administration: You can say goodbye to manual security settings and almost daily security updates when you use a reliable cloud services provider or cloud security platform. These activities can consume a significant amount of energy, but when you transfer them to the cloud, all security administration takes place in one location and is completely handled on your behalf.

Reliability: Cloud computing services have the highest level of dependability. Users can access data and apps in the cloud securely no matter where they are or what device they are using if the proper cloud protection measures are in place. Teamcognito provides the very best cloud computing security services.

The cyberspace comes with numerous benefits. Like any amenity where there exists a product there exists its merits and demerits.
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What are the cybersecurity challenges in cloud security?

The rapid growth of the cloud has centered attention not only on the advantages of the cloud but also on the cloud security issues that exist in its climate. The security of cloud storage also depends on the users. Failure to adhere to security requirements and fix security threats in a timely manner will result in a cyberattack or data breach that could have been avoided. This necessitates that businesses effectively understand and manage cloud security risks. Assess and take the right precautionary measures with TeamCognito, the top cybersecurity company in Kolkata.

The most common problems for cloud computing security include:

  • Identifying and preserving access measures

  • Balancing the cloud service provider’s and the user’s joint responsibility for the protection

  • Compliance with regulatory standards for data security in the cloud

What are the best practices in cybersecurity services in the cloud?

It is not an exaggeration to say that any organization may become a victim of cyber-crime. Government agencies, educational and healthcare institutions, banks, law firms, non-profits, and a variety of other organizations have reported cyberattacks. Smart companies are increasing their investments in cloud security services in order to eliminate threats and safeguard confidential data. TeamCognito has some of the best cyber-crime experts in Kolkata.

Here are some of the best cloud cybersecurity practices:

Use strict user access control/least privilege.

Administrators should enforce strict user access control, similar to the conventional software protection process, to determine who can access the data and to what degree users can access it. This will help to ensure that only approved users have access to data stored in the cloud infrastructure.

Use SSH Keys and Store Keys Securely

With private and public key pairs, Protected Socket Shell (SSH) keys aid in the establishment of secure server connections. Since we use SSH keys to access sensitive data and perform essential, privileged tasks, it is critical to properly maintain and safely store them.

Implement Cloud Encryption

Data encryption in cloud computing is critical for businesses because it ensures that data flowing to and from the cloud is encrypted and stable. Encryption, with other security mechanisms such as the principle of least privilege (PoLP), allows organizations to comply with strict regulatory policies such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, and GDPR.

Conduct Routine Penetration Tests

Cloud penetration tests aid in identifying security flaws in cloud infrastructure. Pen tests are often a joint liability in cloud computing, so both the organization and your cloud service provider should conduct penetration tests to identify security vulnerabilities in the cloud.

Hardened and Controlled Images

A hardened virtual server image is one that is devoid of anything unnecessary to the task at hand and has its configuration tightly protected. They create these images in accordance with cloud security requirements, with the fewest access rights and administrative permissions, as well as only the ports and services that are needed.

Implement Multi-Factor Authentication

MFA (multi-factor authentication) protects the company’s data and user accounts by using a variety of authentication mechanisms such as one-time passwords, biometrics, security questions, and many others.

Examining Vulnerabilities and Unauthorized Hardening Processes

In the cloud storage environment, misconfiguration can lead to exploitable security flaws. You must check the IaaS settings for access control, encryption, and network configuration to avoid such cybersecurity vulnerabilities.


How TeamCognito can assist?

Our security team includes top security and subject-matter experts on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, as well as experienced security coaches who can assist you with questions to ask your cloud service provider before purchasing cloud services.

We also provide security audits to identify and mitigate security flaws in cloud infrastructure, making it simple for you to protect your cloud environment. TeamCognito has the best cybersecurity experts in Kolkata.

About TeamCognito 

TeamCognito has become one of the cloud computing services in Kolkata. From receiving Special Recognition from the Ministry of Information Technology of the Government of India for the Citizens Voice Challenge to being incubated by BCC&I. With 60+ clients, including international clients, we’re going global. You can be assured that you will receive top-notch service.

Cybersecurity, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence are among our specialties. When things get technical, TeamCognito also has experience in Application, Website, and Product Creation, as well as Digital Marketing services to help you make a mark in the media. We provide the best cloud cybersecurity services in Kolkata.

TeamCognito is a brand that stands for “The Best of All.” Growing to be one of India’s Top 10 Cybersecurity Service Providers and the one-stop-shop for all your company needs, from apps to web to marketing.

Cyber Security



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With the digital revolution sweeping the globe, all businesses, large and small companies, organizations, and even governments depend on computerized systems to run their daily operations, making cybersecurity a top priority to secure data from various online attacks or unauthorized access. Continuous technical advancement implies a parallel change in cybersecurity trends as stories of data breaches, ransomware, and hacks become commonplace.

The cyberspace comes with numerous benefits. Like any amenity where there exists a product there exists its merits and demerits.
Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity

With the introduction of AI in all market segments, this technology has resulted in significant changes in cybersecurity, thanks to machine learning. In the development of automated security systems, natural language processing, face recognition, and automatic threat detection, AI has played a critical role. It’s also being used to create smart malware and attacks to get around the most up-to-date data security protocols. Threat detection systems with AI can predict attacks and alert administrators to any data breaches instantly, making them the next cybersecurity trend in 2021.

Automotive Hacking and its Influence

In 2021, the first cybersecurity theme will be the rise of automotive hacking. In areas including cruise control, engine timing, door lock, airbags, and advanced driver support systems, modern cars are outfitted with automated software that provides smooth communication for drivers. These vehicles communicate via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, exposing them to a variety of vulnerabilities and hacker threats. We believe that taking control of the vehicle or using microphones for eavesdropping will increase in 2021 as the use of autonomous vehicles grows. Self-driving or autonomous cars use a more complex mechanism that causes more rigorous cybersecurity protections.

Mobile malware is the new threat

We observed mobile banking malware or attacks increasing by 50% in 2019, making our handheld devices a target for hackers. Individuals are more at risk from all of our images, financial transactions, emails, and texts. In 2021, a smartphone virus or malware could attract the attention of cybersecurity trends.

Cloud computing vulnerabilities

To avoid data leaks, security protocols must be continuously monitored and updated as more companies migrate to the cloud. Although cloud applications like Google or Microsoft are well-protected on their end, user error, malicious apps, and phishing attacks continue to be a major source of erroneous errors, malicious apps, and phishing attacks.

Data breaches and their effect

Data will continue to be a challenge for businesses all over the world. The primary goal right now is to protect digital data, whether it belongs to an individual or an entity. Hackers can gain access to personal data by exploiting some minor flaw or bug in your system browser or software. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into force on May 25, 2018, granting data protection and privacy to individuals in the European Union (EU). Similarly, on January 1, 2020, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) went into effect to protect consumer rights in California.

IoT and 5G Network

IoT with 5G networks is the next big cybersecurity theme for 2021. With 5G networks set to launch internationally in 2020, the Internet of Things will usher in a new age of interconnectivity. This contact between multiple devices exposes them to outside influence, threats, or an unknown software error, exposing them to vulnerabilities. Even Google Chrome, the world’s most popular browser, was found to have serious flaws. 5G architecture is still relatively new in the industry, and it will take a lot of investigation to find flaws that will enable the system to be safe against external attack. Every step of the 5G network might bring a plethora of network attacks we might not be aware of.

State-Sponsored Cyber Warfare

There will be no truce between the western and eastern forces in their search for dominance. Though the attacks are rare, they have a major effect on an event such as elections. With over 70 elections expected this year, illegal activity will probably increase during this time. The biggest cybersecurity trends for 2021 are likely to be high-profile data hacks, political and industrial secrets.

Insider Threats

One of the most common causes of data breaches is human error. An entire company can be brought down by a single bad day or a deliberate loophole that allows millions of records to be stolen. Employees were directly or indirectly responsible for 34% of total attacks, according to a Verizon data breach report. As a result, raise awareness among employees to ensure that data is protected in every way possible.

How TeamCognito can help?

The best call today is to step up your security game and keep up with these cybersecurity trends, and we will help. TeamCognito’s cybercrime experts in Kolkata will help you stay one step ahead in this rapidly developing sector. With our proactive approach, you’ll have access to approaches of protecting your infrastructures, securing data and information, conducting risk analysis and mitigation, architecting cloud-based protection, achieving compliance, and much more.

TeamCognito has become one of the leading cybersecurity company in Kolkata. From receiving Special Recognition from the Ministry of Information Technology of the Government of India for the Citizens Voice Challenge to being incubated by BCC&I. With 60+ clients, including international clients, we’re going global. You can be assured that you will receive top-notch service.

About TeamCognito

Cybersecurity, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence are among our specialities. When things get technical, TeamCognito also has experience in Application, Website, and Product Creation, as well as Digital Marketing services to help you make a mark in the media. We provide the top cybersecurity company in Kolkata.

TeamCognito is a brand that stands for “The Best of All.” Growing to be one of India’s Top 10 Cybersecurity Service Providers and the one-stop shop for all your company needs, from apps to web to marketing.

Even after taking the best protection measures, there is a chance your mobile data can be breached, that is where TeamCognito can come into being. TeamCognito’s cloud-native, purpose-built solutions for Salesforce, Office365 and G Suite will give full protection to your organisation data. With TeamCognito’s  cybersecurity services in Kolkata, you will stay protected all the time.

Low-cost cyber security solutions – Secure and protect your data

TeamCognito makes use of artificial intelligence to segregate the critical tasks from the routine network activity. We have the finest cybersecurity experts in Kolkata who can assist in identifying the critical cyber threats, thus helping teams save time that might otherwise be spent investigating alerts that do not need immediate attention. We try to identify the chains of activities that are responsible for the cyber-attacks and then take action accordingly.

Automotive hacks become an ever-growing concern for every business today. At TeamCognito, avail affordable, comprehensive cybersecurity solutions for your automotive hacks. Our cybersecurity consultant services in Kolkata will protect all the sensitive data, meet compliance requirements, so that you can remain safeguarded and stress free.

We are the industry leader in cyber security solutions, some of the renowned companies of Kolkata are dependent on us. Our cyber security experts have tons of experience in handling mobile malware mitigation issues. This wide range of experience provides us with unparalleled insight into new malware threats before they cause significant damage.

Unauthorized cloud services can result in an increase in malware infections or data exfiltration. With TeamCognito’s top cybersecurity services stay protected from all the five kinds of cloud security vulnerabilities – account hijacking, malicious insiders, data breaches, system vulnerabilities and insecure APIs.

Data leaks can prove fatal if no actions are taken at the right time. Be it any business organisation, government agencies or individuals, get total safety and security. TeamCognito being one of the premium cyber security solutions companies in Kolkata is committed to helping people stay safe online and beyond. Discover how our award-winning security can help you stay protected against data breaches 24×7.

We offer comprehensive protection for the critical infrastructure and OT environments. Enjoy complete protection on home networks on Wifi router with our top-notch cyber security services in Kolkata. Get the latest products and solutions to secure Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G for your business, school campus, or vehicle from TeamCognito.

Cyberwarfare has become a potential threat in India in recent times. If your agency is the victim of any computer viruses or denial-of-service attacks, look no further, get in touch with TeamCognito, get best recommendations on methods of defending against the damaging effects of cyber warfare on a nation’s digital infrastructure.

Potential risks of insider threats are numerous, including installing malware, financial fraud, data corruption, or theft of valuable information. To counteract all these possible scenarios, organizations should implement an insider threat solution. Decrease your risk immediately with advanced insider threat detection and prevention from TeamCognito.