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Is social media your daily routine to connect with friends and families? It also might be a scary way to lose your identity. Know about the basics of how Hackers can be using Social Media to get to you.


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So, Hello reader! If you’re reading this its a fairly high chance that you might be on some social media platform. Stating that you might even have an account in one of those. Suppose you receive a mail from some anonymous sender and you out of curiosity open it but there’s nothing to feed your curiosity in there, its empty or has either some emoji or .gif or might even have just a hello message. What you notice after some time that there’s some malicious activity going around with your email address like unknown sent mail’s, anonymous subscription to site you’re not aware of or maybe you don’t access to your email address anymore.

Social engineering has become about 75% of an average hacker's toolkit, and for the most successful hackers, it reaches 90% or more. - John McAfee

What just happened comes under a wide class of hacking called Social Media Hacking. Well it’s always in my nature to elaborate things with some situational examples.

It can happen in any social media platforms and some of those are Facebook ,Instagram ,Telegram, LinkedIn etc. You can avoid these malicious activities to your account by some basic steps or I’ll phrase it at-least you’ll be less prone to these attacks


Ways to prevent Social Media Hacking:-

1. Password – Make sure you have a fairly hard to
guess password. Make it less likely to be found from hit and
trial method like your name, date of
birth or names of family/ friends.

2. Security Question:- There’s an option to set a security question
to your account incase you forget your
password. And you should always opt for this option. It makes the account even
more secure.

3. Recovery Mail or Phone number:- Don’t
forget to add your mail and phone no. to recover your password in case you forget. You
can also set a recovery mail to your email account. Make sure you you set a recovery mail by
your family members or anybody very close to

4. Watch out for malicious activity:- Always check your activity on a regular
basis and if you find some malicious activity going with the social media
accounts, try resetting you’re password just put you in a more safe place. You also have an option of filing a complaint to the particular
social media and they take immediate action to check your account.

5. Report:- You can always report some malicious activity to your service provider
and they’ll look into the matter. In
social media you can always go to
the support section to put your concerns about your account’s activity.

6.  Open Mail/ Msg Carefully:- Before opening any mail/ msg make sure you have received it from authenticate account. If you see any
suspicious number or mail ignore it.

You can always contribute to the security of your own account and your account awareness can actually put down many of these attempts.

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