Cyber Security


Payment gateways might be the best place for a hacker to make his den at. Want to know about the steps you shall take to make your Credit Cards and Payments secure?


In simple definition of credit card is that it is a small plastic card with a unique number to it which is related to an account and people are able to buy any kind of stuffs using that and receive a bill every month for the purchased.

Credit, as the name suggests it is a kind of loan and it comes under micro loaning. It has interest charges, fines, default laws and etc. Infact it’s just like any ordinary loan but in micro level of the economy. The amount of money you can spend using your credit card is determined by your bank and it analyses some factor to do so. There are five components your credit amount depends upon and those are Character, Capacity, Capital, Collateral and conditions. On the basis of this in order to get a fair amount of credit amount your character should be clean legally, you should have the capacity to pay back, you should have some collateral in case you are unable to pay back and of-course there are some contains to the credit amount. If you clear all these you’ll be provided with a credit amount based on your capital and monthly income.

Our advice is to treat Credit Cards like what they are: little plastic grenades that must be handled very carefully.
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Now as we learned about credit cards and how it works there something we all do and it’s quite common and it is online transactions. If anything comes with an online mobility it always come with the chances of cyber theft and that’s why there exists a term called Cyber security and as the name literally means it provides security from cyber theft.


Security available to avoid a cyber theft are:-

1. Card details – Card number, expiry date, CVV and a one ,me password that is sent to the registered mobile number when you make a transaction and it is necessary to complete the transaction. It is you who is authorizing the gateway to continue with the payment.

2. Payment gateway security – You must’ve seen some lines on your payment gateway while you were making an online payment like “NORTON SECURED, Visa secure, Wibmo” or of the same type. They are security providers for payment gateways.

 3. You yourself – You are the biggest contributor to your own security. You should never shared your card details and password with anyone. Remember 8 out of 10 ,me it’s done from someone who know your card identity. And always keep track of your fund movements and of you notice any malicious activity report to your bank. And avoid making transaction on non popular and not verified sites. You can save yourself better than anyone else in this world.