Cyber Security


Do you think it is only about logging out of your mail ID when you move away from your computer? A vast world of unexplored possibilities in the field of keeping your data secure. Ask yourself about your safety.



In the time of constant evolution and advancements increasingly more and more people are gaining access to mobile phones, computers and the internet. We are digital consumers in a very digital era and we completely rely on our phones and laptops to go about our day to day activities be it accessing the social media, or to buy something or for banking. We are a part of that generation which relies heavily on the internet, but what we end up neglecting in this process is our security by assuming that we’re safe.

The cyberspace comes with numerous benefits. Like any amenity where there exists a product there exists its merits and demerits.
Cyber Security

Just to put some light over the merits of cyberspace which include cashless payments, navigation, messaging, data sharing, high speed online gaming, education, connectivity, entertainment etc there are many more. With these immense possibilities there are various ways someone can use it in a way it not made for.There are many religious disputes which feeds on social media. Many hatreds are spread using online platforms and due to its global reach and availability it affects on a very large scale and even to the extent when it’s not even reversible anymore. Even it provides the hackers numerous ways to hack into someone’s personal device and performance malicious operations.

This when used properly can be of huge help because it can carry almost infinite amount of information which can be accessed globally. In this COVID-19 situation kids are having online classes, people are doing work from home and likewise is only made possible due to the presence of the cyberspace. If this wouldn’t have been present in these time would certainly come to an abrupt stop hampering the spread of instantaneous supply of information to the neighbouring areas. Remember those days when we used to buy high capacity hard disk or pen-drives but this evolutions have gifted us the availability of cloud storage where we can store our personal information and files and access them anywhere very easily. This freed us of physical availability of storage disks and made our life easier and work faster. 

Concluding the above facts almost any products has its pros and cons but it’s all about how the individual plans to use it and in-fact no one can assure malicious activity free use of any product or service. To decrease the amount of malicious activities there are many cyberspace laws which can be later over the defector and can punished according the severity of attack. If we take measures and assure best use of the cyberspace in our own individual sphere and everyone thinks this way then we can bring down cybercrime below significant levels.

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