Web & APP Developement

Powerful, Customised and fully secured, with round the year service, we do not compromise with quality.

AI Solutions

We provide innovative and quality solutions with regard to Artificial Intelligence and have one of the best value for money services in this regard

Information Security

Penetration-Testing, Vulnerability Assessment, Enterprise Security and more. Our Security Services are one of the best in the market


Get your website be found with our exemplary SEO services and witness exponential increase in hits

Business Softwares

Compact, Powerful, Secured and User Friendly, Our Business Softwares come at minimum prices abd maximum quality and are completely customised according to demand

Corporate Training Assistance

Our Corporate Training assistance package includes Instructors, Study Materials, Certification Examination Portals, Training apps anand Portals and more.. Creating a wholesome learning experience

Why choose Us

At TeamCognito we are here to give our clients an experience hitherto undreamt of. With minimal prices and maximum quality, we strive towards nothing short of excellence. Honesty, Dedication,Professionalism and above all Client Satisfaction are the pillars on which we stand

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Our Mission

We strive to revolutionise the Technology Industry as we know it and build a brand to reckon with. Our aim is to make technology affordable and available to every section of the society and not just innovate but empower people through our work

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What you get

We provide a wide range of technology services ranging from Web Developement, App Developement, Business Softwares, SEO, Information Security, AI Solutions, Corporate Training Assistance and more, providing you with a whole package of quality and substance

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